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Poughkeepsie, United States

Hard Dance

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Katie had bounced into her first rave with her cat ears, kandi and PLUR vibes and into the scene in December of 2008… she automatically fit right in. Since then, Katie has acquired the name “Juice” for her colorful hair and fruity personality. Right after her first party, Juice got a hold of the program VirtualDJ 6. She had played around with turntables a couple times in the past, but the visual, financial, portable and technological advantages of spinning digital captivated her. She then came in contact with a Hercules USB mixer and used her knowledge of VDJ to her learning advantage.

While learning how to spin, Juice experimented with many different styles of EDM. During the learning process, she became very drawn to jumpstyle/hard house, followed by hard techno/schranz. After she had released her first two demoes, her Live FreeStyle Hard Techno mix has been featured on Nicotine’s “Full of Win” podcast, she has gained the support of Mama C, DJ Likwid, Mikey Wisdom, DJ Star sky, Doc Voodoo, DJ Hexer and Rob Gee. She has hit #1 on ReverbNation’s local DJ chart, and featured in East Coast Online Rave Magazine.

After a seemingly short yet accomplishing journey, Juice will be performing live for the first time ever this spring for a Red Cross benefit in Rhinebeck, NY. Become a fan of Juice on Facebook for updates on new mixes and shows.