Top 25k on The DJ List

Lil Duckey

Montgomery City, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Hip-Hop


At an early age he was into music .His parents owned a small club and through some of the biggest parties in mid-mo.Always having a host of dj’s that played at every event.At those times he had got to learn first hand how to rock a party.He got to set in and actually spin music at big events.At the age of 12 his uncle gave him a pair of turntables and he had saved up enough money to buy his first pair of speakers,wich now they would be considered vintage 18" speakers.At this time his parents had sold the club but continued to have big parties all year round.He played his first gig in his parents yard.They had a big patio that was the dance floor and he,then age 13 had a bunch of grown folks jammin to his mix of music and control of the mic.He contolled the crowd on the floor all night and at that time he knew music and djing was gonna be a big part of his life.He’s played all over Mid-Mo.Clubs,Event Centers,Fairgrounds,Halls and Bars.He’s been booked and played in Chicago,Kansas,Iowa and Kentucky.He once said “Music is like eating a meal each day,you have to have that to fuel your body in order to fuction”.Music fuels him each day and his style has placed him in the ranks of some of the best there has been and the best that are out there now.Over two decades in the game and he still doing his thing.