Likwid Beatport


Raised in New York this old-school raver has been experimenting with his own styles of hard electronic music since 1996. He first started making techno loops with old DOS tracker programs in the late 90’s under the indie label “Likwid Rekordz”. He released 11 full length mixes under the label Likwid Rekordz. Practicing and slowly upgrading his programs and equipment he made the switch over to turntables and gained spots at several events in the northeast area alongside dj’s such as Hokilla, Mannchild, Omar Santana, Pleasurehead, Datcyde, DJ X-Dream, DJ Delirium and more. After a few years of playing on the decks Likwid returned to the studio to produce and start a new internet radio project.

Underground-Radio was Likwids next project. Started in February of 2009 this online underground radio station hosted mixes and tracks by local & international talent, then streamed the mixes 24/7 via a live broadcast. Underground-Radio also toured the northeast rave scene documenting the events with photographs and videos. Having a gigantic web presence this project grew in popularity quickly and received support from Knowledge, Omar Sanata, Rob Gee, StellerDream, Mike Charles, DJ Illusion, RaversOnly, NYCRavers, Integrity, CandyKid and more. Likwid released 8 more full length mixes under the label Underground Radio.

Now in 2010 Likwid has a new project, 2e-Pro Entertainment. Hosting only himself, (possibly a select few dj’s in the near future) this project focuses more on original track production. Working on a new hardstyle cd for most of 2009, Likwid has a brand new line up of 14 homemade tracks that will be being released under the label 2e-Pro Entertainment. In 2010 keep your eyes and ears open for some collaborations with a few known and some unknown artists.