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Oslo, Norway

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Trance

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Biography from Dj Lido

His first steps in the DJing developed through mean cousin Alexander Hette aka DJ Alex or also Dj-RMG mentioned thought he the first time to it at all as Deejay for beginning. At first he was only on some birthdays thereby on which he from time to time some transitions to make was allowed and my curiosity continued to rise thereby ever! After approximately 1 year caught it only times before public to correctly on present and for him a name makes. However he possessed still no own mixer and practiced actually exclusively with Dj Alex at home. Only one and a half years later he bought his first mixer. At the beginning he practiced daily on CD-Playern which as wrong did not prove hisself at all, only as he contact with Stefan alias Bomby of the aggressive Beatz radio manufactured became he around a correct DJ be clear must I to Turntables to transfer around a good DJ to constitute. In addition, because he only exclusively with scarf record players would arise was allowed added he to him stop which and practiced each day. Now a half year after I the record players added itself, had he mean first appearances with aggressive Beatz radio the honour large for him were and in his DJ career for me a large role play. He want to collect so much and all the same where his experiences over into few years if he old an enough am in clubs to arise which my dream is.