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Dj Libra, a San Diego native, has rocked clubs and parties for over 13 years and is no stranger to the electronic dance music scene. He began his journey into the music and underground lifestyle in 1991 in a little place called Chicago. From there he relocated to San Diego, where he was surrounded by positive vibes and undeniable rhythms, resulting in an even deeper love for the music and the scene itself. He began to travel across the world and experience the electricity of many cultures such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Panama, Mexico, Italy, and The Phillipines. Upon returning to The United States he was able to visit several cities and experience what their underground scenes had to offer. These cities included New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and Denver, just to name a few. Being completely engulfed in the music, he decided to take his knowledge to the next level and learn the art of the dj. He was able to learn much from a friend, Dj Quicksilver, and from there he quickly began playing house parties and small local events. Dj Libra was able to spend time in and out of the clubs with major names such as Carlos, Jon Bishop, Paolo, Jon E Thin, Mark E, Quark, and Sotero. From there he moved east to Mississippi’s capitol, Jackson, and soon became a well respected name in it’s underground. Dj Libra expanded his playtime to other areas in the region such as Memphis, New Orleans, Birmingham, and Little Rock and had the pleasure of playing alongside such names as Jackal and Hyde, Monk, Huda Hudia, Micro, Sharaz, Vicious Vic, Omar Santana, Heather Heart, Baby Anne, Demonixx, and Dave Aude. As a resident in the deep south of the United States, Dj Libra also became a co-founder of the elite collective of dj’s known as Team Inergi. Dj Libra is mostly known by his peers and followers for his UK Hard House and UK Hard Trance but is not chained to a certain genre. He will also represent the sounds of Nu Skool Breaks, Progressive House and Trance, or Funky Techno. He is well known for his high energy sets as well as his high energy performances on stage. Dj Libra’s crazy antics, his goofiness behind the decks, and his signature phrase… “I Can’t Hear You!!!” always pull the crowd right in. His humble and down-to-earth behavior have also earned him a special place in the hearts of his friends as well as his followers. He is certainly not a dj to be missed and in the kind words of the man himself… “Long Live Tha Beatz That Bring Us Together!”