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Lexy & K Paul

Berlin, Germany


AKA: K Paul, Lexy

KNM Special Marketing, Kontor Records Italy, Low Spirit
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When the two freaks first met up in 1998 in a Berlin club, they had no idea that the following years would be wilder then they had ever dreamt of. Their initial meeting emerged from a dispute over a young lady. Their argument resulted in both of them being thrown out of the club and banned from the premises!

Roughly six months later, the two freaks couldn’t believe their eyes when they coincidentally met in the Low Spirit office in Berlin. Leaving the little Casanova dispute behind them, they decided to meet up for a studio session. These nocturnal meetings were the first test runs of their joint production ventures.

Up until then, Kai Paul had been a keyboard player in a Berliner Synthypop band, with which he was awarded the MDR TV ‘Junior newcomer‘ prize in the category „Best junior newcomer band“ in 1999.

Lexy was the owner of a record store from where he was weaned on electronic music moulding his musical fundament while he furthered himself as a DJ.

K Paul is the man in the studio. Through his connection to the musicians of “Element Of Crime” K Paul was able to nurtture his initial musical experiments.

At their collective live sets K Paul crazed sound effects and loops added a dynamic style to the performance.

The couples first track titled „ Do you like disco “ was licensed for the Mayday compilation „ Soundtropolis“ in 1999 and was released on Vinyl. Impelled by this initial success, the young team decided to continue sprinkling their creative dust and infecting the masses with their hypnotic sound. And so, in the spring of 1999 the track „ The greatest DJ“ was released and nominated as Loveparade’s hymn. DJ icons such as Westbam played &Mac226;the Freaks ‘ new track at the closing. Speech of the Berlin Loveparade in front of hundreds of thousands people after which the record became a hit.

Their record Label decided to make a video of &Mac226;The Greatest DJ’ and it soon landed in the German Charts at position 51. It was an instant global hit, especially in South America and Asia.

The couples next single encompassed the privilege of writing the Hymn for „Electric Kingdom“ with which they again catapulted themselves into the charts. In the proceeding tour they headlined alongside Westbam and Mr .X and Mr.Y.

The spring of 2000 proved to be the youngster’s ultimate breakthrough.

Their follow up single “Freak” became an instant Love Parade hit, celebrating to new team as the new found heroes of the Berlin Love Parade. With the shooting of the music video, the freaks launched a new found fad in the German Music scene and the single was fired into the charts at position 20.

The outcome of countless sleepless nights in the studio and their success came to a peak in 2001. Lexy and K-Paul were honoured with the Echo Award 2001 in the category “ National Dance Newcomers“ and nominated for the Austrian Music Award Amadeus in the category “Best Dance Act”

The single “You’re The One” in 2001, added to their boom and demonstrated their unique ability to continuously produce high standard dance music.

As a follow-up, their debut Album “Loud” was released on Low Spirit.

With the buzz of success came the inevitable need for a short break, and so the couple decided to concentrate more on their remixes and international DJ performances. Spreading their sound to far-off shores such as Canada, USA, Japan, Colombia and Europe.

The highlights of their acts included The Mayday, Love Parade, Love Parade in Vienna, Electric Kingdom and Love Nation.

In March 2002 Lexy and K Paul didn’t start the year with less success when they landed in the German Charts at number 26 with their chartbreaker “ Let’s play”

The freaks have plenty install for the future. After their boom of national success, the couple want to devote themselves to the International scene. Tours of South America, North America and Asia are on their schedules.

However, their German fans will not go without. Events such as the Mayday and love Parade are definite musts for Lexy and K Paul.