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Alexandra Gonzalez, Ak Lexx begins his race in electronic music in 1999, touching and producing celebrations in Bogota (Colombia). Their talent and excellent style made it obtain just a short time in the residence in Gothic. In that then it decides to impel his race like dj towards the foreigner. For this one settles down in Santiago of Chile in where sets of percussion revolutionizes the scene with its full energizantes and groove. Here it is where it manages to appear, touching in celebrations and clubs of great reputation, in Santiago and Regions Like the Fair (Stg), Sinned Capital (Stg), the Salita (Stg), Piso33 (Stg), Club Dawn (Stg), Club Fifth Sun (Stg), Kamikaze (Arica, Cohayque), Katanga (Los Angeles), (592 Conception) On Life (Puerto Montt) Movifest (the Night love song). Lexx has taken to its music and energy to great part of Latin America, visiting countries like Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Honduras. It has shared scene with djs like Richie Hawtin, Christian Smith, Barbarian Mistress, Dj Preach, Colette, Filterheadz, Renato Cohen, Gaetano Parisio, Dinky, Denise Konsen, Ingrid, Romina Cohn, Felipe Volume, among others. In addition it has participated in different festivales as EARTH DANCES, LOVE PARADE 2005 and 2006, TECH-FEST. MOON TOUR, URBAN TOUR, X-TREME FEST, 12 APOSTLES (Colombia), CALIFORNIA SESSIONS, SUNRISE (Tucacas-Venezuela 2005/2006), SWEET BACARDI, SAVES SOUND (Honduras-Tegucigalpa), Mint Club (Buenos Aires), Colombia (Cali/Bogota), Panama (Frecuency) Their Seth `s stands out by the combination of sounds Techno and Minimal-Tech.