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Levitium (DJ / Producer)

Vicente Guevara

Dj, Producer and Promoter began his career as a soundman at the tender age of 15, a year known local sentiment to electronic music since 2000 and comes to the concept of being a DJ.

Manages to seal their first EP (Feelings & Emotions) in 2006 with their tracks: “Fear” and “Wake up my tribe”, with the highly regarded Italian Label Foot Lovers Music, becoming the first Ecuatorian manufacturer to reach BEATPORT;

Starts the project of electronic music school (the first in your town), opening the market to the general public.


Peru: The VJ’s Fest (5th Edition), Macarena, Xcess, Node Fussion, Tequila Rock, Aura VIP

Argentina:Shamrock Basement (Buenos Aires), Bar 33 (Bellville – Córdoba), South American Session (Mendoza)

Chile:La Feria (Santiago), Lou Club (Concepcion), Sofia (Concepcion).

He owns Levitium Records first label of their city which works by various artists from around the world.

Is part of many labels around the world:Foot Lovers Music, Muenchen, Silver Screen Recordings, Volt9 Records, Bavaria Recordings.

Have played with:

Dj T (Germany), Tom Budden (UK), Marco Lenzi (ITA), Patrick M (USA), Gutti (Argentina), Nico Cano (Argentina), Jason Short (Usa), D:Fuse (USA), Monica X (España), Alex Young (Colombia), Francisco Allendes (Chile), Hannah (Colombia), Orly Aycart (USA), Bruno Balbino (Brasil), Paula (Brasil), Moss (Colombia), Israel Vich (Peru), Christian Berger (Peru), Orieta Chrem (Peru), Vanina Buniak (Argentina), entre otros.

  • With more than 10 years experience in the medium to become an invaluable part of the Ecuadorian Scene …