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Born in New Brunswick, Canada, I took piano lessons at a young age. After realizing that piano and music in general was not simply improvisation and random movements, I grew tired of piano.

When I became an adolescent I bought every single Nirvana album and took guitar lessons for 4 years. I acquired Cubase LE1 from my guitar instructor but could never get the hang of it. I overheard a schoolmate talking about FL Studio so I soon “acquired” FL Studio from the internet.

Using influences from my teenage years such as Nirvana, Rammstein, and The Vines, I began producing dance music. My first ever release was titled "Celcius"and was inspired by the new music I was introduced to from the likes of Dinka and Mango.

After 3 years of producing, here I am today. I hope to grow as a musician and a person throughout my career.