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Novi Sad, Serbia


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Born 1972 in Kraljevo, Central Serbia. In 1985 he moves to Trstenik where he meets the DJ culture dominated by Italo disco, HI NRG and Hip House. 1988 – first DJ appearance. At the time he meets diverse styles and develops affection toward electronic music and is mostly influenced by Acid House and early Techno. In 1993 on a first private radio in Trstenik (Radio 48), Lesha started his own show called “House Party”. The beginning of 1995 marks the “golden age” for techno in Serbia, when Lesha together with his colleagues started organizing parties and very soon got his first records. Noted appearances are at Trstenik’s Cultural center and later at other locations in town where “Jungle” club is of great importance for his development as a DJ. His first appearances at various venues in nearby cities soon followed, from which are especially known gigs in Kraljevo, Belgrade’s famous “Industria” club, “Banker” and “Cegar” in Nis.

He’s the founder of “Deep” DJ association and author of “Accelerator” radio show on Radio Trstenik, which started January 1997 and lasted for 7 years. Since march 2001, he was one of the editors of the French independent web magazine and has been writing reviews and interviews. Since 2004, he is a moderator at, the largest Serbian forum dedicated to music production.

Organized a lot of parties in Trstenik, participated in organization of two most famous parties in Kraljevo (Deep States / Alien Experiment). Beside Trstenik, where he was resident in ex “Lobby” club, he played in Belgrade (Industria / Plastic), Croatia (Kumrovec Tabor festival 2003), Novi Sad (Exit Festival, Enter, Theatre Garage party 2, Compressor, etc), Nis (too many venues to mention), Subotica, Kraljevo, Zajecar, Pancevo, Krusevac, Negotin, Vrnjacka Banja, Sombor, etc…

At the moment he plays soulful Techno and House with a strong influence of Chicago / Detroit / Berlin sound. The characteristic of his set is versatility of styles which he profoundly blends and always tries to insert a bit of a surprise. He never knows what his set would be like, and he’s not afraid of experimenting. He says that his mixing is a combination of old and new school and that he’s always eager to learn something new and improve his skills. Since October 2008 he is living in Novi Sad, Serbia where he’s regularly playing. Lesha has also been involved in music production since 1993, listen to his remixes for the Spanish Submoover Records label.