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On September 28th, 1971 a human beat machine is born. Alas, Leo’s beats went completely unnoticed until he starts to play the drums at the age of 8. When – at 14 – he discovers the turntables, he proves to be a natural! On records he recognizes the sounds he makes with his drums and nicely mixes them together. Besides mixing live on stage, playing the drums remains Leo’s passion. After intensive preparation he’s admitted to the conservatory of Hilversum. It takes him only 3 months to realize that he doesn’t care for playing dreadful boring pieces of jazz, so bye-bye conservatory, hello world of housemusic!

In 1993 Leo starts to work at the record shop Mid-Town in Utrecht as a manager. This job gives him an opportunity to make contact with a great deal of people in the house scene. At the same time he manages to become one of Utrecht’s finest DJ’s. Leonardo plays as a resident DJ at Utrecht’s no.1 house club “Shiva”. He also lays on parties himself, like Gekkenhuis and Mechanical. These parties do not only get a favorable reception, they prove to bear repetition as well. Furthermore Leonardo plays in foreign cities including Paris, Bangkok and Tel Aviv. Though the Shiva closes down in 1998, it doesn’t put a stop to Leonardo’s DJ career. He’s soon discovered by other DJ’s and organizations and is given the opportunity to play at the RoXY (Amsterdam), the iT (Amsterdam) and at huge parties such as Mysteryland and RiverDance. It goes without saying that he continues organizing parties himself.

In 2000 Leo stops working for Mid-Town and gets to work as an A&R manager for another record company “Byte International” (Hilversum). He seizes the opportunity to increase his knowledge and understanding of the recording industry, which proves to his advantage by starting working on own productions. His first release – Hasiya by Upadhmania, produced together with 2 friends – was played many times at the iT (Amsterdam) and is listed on the Houseparty 14 album. Spiceboyz – The Bouncing Track (Leonardo and Mike Heart) is included on one of the legendary Mazzo mix compilations.

In 2002 Leo decides to start his own business, and by then Wildpitch has been established – Leo’s own booking agency for Dj’s, Vj’s and musicians.

His passion for drums and percussion continues as he and some friends put together the band InterAct. InterAct’s style is a catchy combination of housemusic and live instruments. InterAct performs at the Oerol festival of Terschelling, at the Melkweg (Amsterdam) and on the beach of Scheveningen. Unfortunately InterAct doesn’t last longer than two years.

A few months later Leo gets in contact with guitar player Eddy Zoy. They decide to hook up with Dj Martin Damen to jam. There’s an instant click; HIP is born. HIP plays at the Oerol festival of Terschelling, at Beachbop, Paradiso, Jimmy Whoo, Cineac, Kingdom (Amsterdam) as well as many other locations. HIP is still active at the moment.