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The year 2001 launched Lena on an exciting new journey. It all started at a warehouse party, early in the year, which sparked a new interest for this up and coming Turntablist. Lena quickly fell in love with the resonating beats of the new underground scene that was exploding all over the place.

Lena has always had an ear for electronic music ranging from Techno, House, and various degrees of dance music. These bouncy, hyped up, banging beats have always been favored by this DJ. Anything that will make you move, groove, jack your body, or just let you loose on the floor is found in Lena’s collection.

After the warehouse party, Lena’s inspiration grew for the newly found artistic aptitude. This natural progression began in seeking out the nearest record store where Lena started acquiring records by the stacks. After starting a collection of spontaneous vinyl, this DJ using a pair of old belt drive turntables, started the art of mixing. With these new tools playing and manipulating the sound of the vinyl came as second nature.

After a four year cycle of playing heavy beats this DJ was reinvented. Playing random records and keeping a non stop rhythm going worked for this DJ because like all art, this was a reflection of the charismatic Lena. As time went on this young DJ went on to learn every corner of this culture and developed an obsession for Drum and Bass. Getting rid of older records while keeping a few classics. This DJ is continuing the rhythm once again with House and Drum and Bass.

After five years of non stop performing and networking in the industry Lena put a recording studio together. Taking time off from DJing, Lena went on to slowly learn the operating systems, tools, and applications to the science behind the music. Producing mixed CD’s here and there for friends. This DJ started to progressively produce and make singles. After learning the production side of the industry, Lena has produced some tracks that are works of their own.

When this DJ gets behind the decks, expect the unexpected! People often say, “When you see this tiny, innocent individual get behind the decks and you would expect something happy fun and exciting to come blaring from the speakers. After the first track is dropped it just turns your head around. Out from the speakers comes this massive sound. Sometimes progressive, and the others deep, dark, and dirty. Its a complete shocker, to see someone like Lena produce a massive sound that sometimes short-circut’s amplifiers.