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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Progressive House, Trance

AKA: Harry Lemon, Harry Lemon Aka Lemon8

Armada Music, Bandung (Armada), Basic Beat
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Harry Lemon aka Lemon8 has been a DJ for quite some time now, whilst producing a soundtrack of a generation at the same time. Model8 – his first ever produced track – is considered to be a classic by many and still sounds fresh today even though it saw it’s first release in 1993. The same goes for The Bells Of Revolution wich he created in 1995.

As a DJ he became a household name in Holland and abroad, playing the most influential clubs and parties. With all those influences gathered during his 15 years experience as a DJ, he could never be pinpointed to one particular style. His sets were – and still are – raw and eclectic. Moving from club to techno, from progressive to breaks, with the ever constant denominator of funk. Mind you, not that many people know he once started out as DJ Funkateer before transforming himself into Lemon8 in 1993.

From 1999 on, he’s been more productive than all the years of music making before. Prior to The Inner Sanctuary Sessions, he barely released more than one track every other year, even though they’ve become instant classics. The Inner Sanctuary Sessions however, are a prime example of an artist who keeps reinventing himself. Following the second progressive wave, late 1999, he managed to create almost an entirely instant recognisable genre within a genre.

Today he is considered to be one of the most prolific DJ/producers of the new mIllenium. Ever changing and evolving, Lemon8 has become synonimous with quality. Almost like a trademark, you can see the name Lemon8 on various sleeves of the best dance labels across the globe and he’s definitely become one of the top remixers in the world. For the past three years he did some 35 remixes for labels ranging from Australia to Switserland and from the UK to the US. After releasing ‘Lose Control’ on Bedrock, his single ‘New York, New York’ has become the best selling record of late 2002 in his native Holland and, again, became an instant classic worldwide.

In 2003 Harry released his album called ‘The Inner Sanctuary Sessions’. The album contains 20 original tracks and remixes from the past 2 years and proves the fact that he’s not only an outstanding producer, but an excellent DJ as well. It even won him the ‘Cool Award’ for best album in South America.

In 2004 he founded BANDUNG records and the first release proves to be an instant smash all over the world with Origene’s ‘Sanctuary’.

With a bi-monthly residence for God’s Kitchen, an Amnesia residency this summer at Ibiza and shiny new productions on the way, the future of Harry Lemon looks bright indeed.