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Leland’s DJ career began quietly in Washington DC’s underground “rave” scene, where he quickly established himself as a recognizable force in the electronic music scene there. Leland’s music brought a sense of sophistication and maturity that the scene lacked and it wasn’t long before everyone took notice at this rising young talent. After moving from Washington D.C. to Florida he picked up right where he left off landing himself multiple residencies at various nightclubs. As a DJ, Leland is known for his ability to construct live sets from melodious, smooth beginnings, and with an orchestral conductor’s precision slowly building his set ending in a monumental finish. Leland has the rare ability to interweave club music with “listeners” music not only allowing club-goers to just dance but to be taken on a journey by the night’s end. His hypnotic percussion based sound is interweaved with ethnic influences creating a style that is uniquely his own.


Recently new to the world of production, Leland’s releases have already made its presence felt throughout the music industry. In just a short few months as a producer Leland has signed songs to a variety of different labels and ready to share his unique sound with world. He is definitely a talent that you will want to keep your eyes and especially your ears on in the nearby future.