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French born DJ and producer Leinender is a multi-faceted musician with music that comes from emotions deep within him. His compositions open listeners to new ideas and alternate realities through a crafty blend of electronic, classical and techno-trance styles.

Leinender’s music is unique because it communicates directly to your brain. He accomplishes this through his clever manipulation of sound frequencies and repetitive three dimensional musical patterns. His tracks tell stories by transcribing emotion into music.

Leinender’s latest project, Epiphaneia, reflects a complete evolution in his creative musical process. The twelve tracks are both an anthology and an ensemble. Leinender wrote the tracks as an author would write the chapters in a book. Epiphaneia becomes something much deeper as Leinender continues pushing the limits of electronic music.

Leinender’s music is “liquid trance.” Everything is fluid and dynamic. It is a musical journey from one point to another. The emotional soundscapes he creates in his compositions contain a distinctive blend of emotional experiences. An unique aural epiphany awaits you!