Lego Beatport


DJ Lego, Innergalactic space bass captain. When this guy plays, the music is running threw his body and out his fingertips to add to the intense energy building by every flick of the fader or tweak of a knob. Lego truly loves his “job”. He is one of the crowd, dancing and adding to the existing atmosphere by being a (down to space kinda guy) and keeping it real since day 1, dropping some of the most well wicked Electro and drum and bass this side of the equator. Self-taught by long hours of trial and error, (and no contact to the outside world) his style is wild… and one all to itself. Lego has been spinning tunes for around 6 years now and has performed in several different places nationally-internationally with the likes of performers such as James Lavelle(mo wax), Massive Attack, Micky Finn, Decoder-techitch, Grand Master Flash, Afrikka Bambatta, Lady Kier(delight), DJ Icey, Simply Jeff, DJ Dan, DJ Craze and many more. With several high rated mixtape – CD reviews of l the galactic turntable skills at work, (be sure and swoop one before they are gone) these tunes make you TWITCH.. no matter what planet your claiming..