Legion Beatport


Krsat Trkkan a.k.a. Legions interest in techno music has shifted to the sound of trance and, during the years, he started forming his own sets and began to improve himself. Due to his natural talent, soon he had offers from various clubs in Istanbul. Legion, who has realized his first performance at EG Club in the year 2002, thinks that the most important traits for this job are: be a good listener and have talent for music. He says that because he possesses these traits…his original mixing techniques and his aggressive moves on the mixer are genuine and derive from his mood at the moment that he plays. In the summer of 2005, Legion took place in the Trance Nights of Istanbul and, as result, he became to be known by more and more people. He had already created his own audience when the italian DJ Manuel Le Saux, an expert on uplifting trance, played for the first time in Turkey, in 2006, and got impressed with his warm-ups and after-sets. Afterwards, he shared the stage with other experts: DJ’s Kyau & Albert, Ronski Speed, Sonorous from Germany and the north-american DJ Sean Tyas. These sets had great repercussion not only in Turkey but also in Europe, and he was invited to be guest mix of the spanish DJ’s and producers Acues & Elitist and the italian Giorgio Ponticelli. Then he had the opportunity to play with great names at some of Europes best radio channels, DI.FM, ETN.FM and FUTUREGROOVE. His first work as a producer is Broken Screams.Conquered space on the sets of the worldwide known. Krat (Legion) is nowadays continuing his productions and will release many new works in the year 2007.The success made him to be shown among the best DJs of Turkey. Krat is also getting known in Europe and being identified as a future star. His greatest dream is playing in events like Sensation White, Dance Walley and Universo Parallelo.