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Since 1989, Lee has gone from his beginnings as a DJ in a small South London wine bar to playing to 1.5 million people on the sound systems of the Berlin Love Parade. Throughout the years, he has always stuck close to the underground digital dance sound he loves and lives for.

Growing up in South London in the 80’s meant that Lee was immersed in the electro and breaks scene of the day, his first ventures into ‘mixing’ using two cassette decks to cut tracks together. In 1988 he began his first radio show on a London pirate under the guise of ‘DSL’, playing underground house and techno. He quickly established himself as a favourite with the listeners and it quickly lead to his first residency, a small drinking hole on the outskirts of Croydon.

By ‘91 his prime time radio show had gone from strength to strength and had gained a massive following – he now found himself DJ’ing at some of the larger warehouse and outdoor events in and around London, spinning he deeper and harder side of house and techno. His early productions were also taking off and throughout the next few years he played out and PA’d across London at some of the harder underground venues an parties.

UFO London’ was Lee’s next project, a hard techno label which was renowned for the production quality of the tracks that were released. The label was successful but as the music scene changed he became disillusioned with the scene and knew that a change was needed so he wound up the label, said farewell to the radio show and moved to Southern Germany!

He quickly found his feet there and spent several years traveling throughout Europe and beyond bringing his brand of House and Tech-House to clubland. He also had time to set up a recording studio in the Bavarian countryside which meant that he could release several EP’s through London’s Tech-House label Evasive Recs and a host of other major outlets such as Marlboro Music, Warner and Sony.

Nowadays, he can be found busy in the studio working on the future house floor fillers. He’s He runs a digital label (Conditional Records) and is pushing his DJ’ing in a new direction for him as he concentrates on the available digital formats.