Lee Farmer




Location: Chicago, United States United States
Genre: Open Format


Language: English

Lee Farmer was a DJ Before he ever saw a set of techniques 1200s. He and his younger brother would sneak into their father’s jazz collection and listen to the 78s for hours. As they got older they were able to purchase a mismatched set of broken down turntables and taught each other how to mix. By the time Lee made it to High School he started attending parties thrown by high school friend Bad Boy Bill and Mentor Julian “Jumpin” Perez. Later he connected with house icon Mike “Hitman” Wilson and was soon deeply entrenched in the 80,s Chicago music scene. After graduating High School, Lee decided to join the Navy and moved to Long Beach CA where he connected with several other musically inclined individuals and formed a band called Infinity. After 3 years in Long Beach., and 6 months in the Persion Gulf during Desert Shield/Storm, Lee returned to Chicago where he took up producing and remixing full time. He reconnected with Bad Boy Bill and helped him form Mix Connection Multimedia. Lee assisted Bill with the production on such remixes as Paula Abdul and Simply Red. After the success of Mix Connection, Lee moved on to form his own Record Label (Maximo Entertainment) in 1998, Selling over 200,000 records. In November 2003 Lee along with 100 other DJ’s, formed the “Soul Selectors” DJ trade organization. During his career, Lee has worked with artists such as Daryl Pandy, CZR, DJ Rhythm, Mike “Hitman” Wilson, Maurice Mahon, Fast Eddie, DJ Funk and a long list of others His groups have performed alongside such artist as Wycleff, Cannabis, Keith Sweat, Kenny Latimore, Tina Marie, Duele, Al Hudson, Jesse Campbell, The Daz Band ,Lakeside, Music Soulchild and Alicia Keys. He continues to DJ and Produce today. Lee specializes in spinning all types of music and his repertoire includes Hip-Hop, House, Soul, Disco, R&B, Latin, Top 40 and just about every other popular form of dance music.



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