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Leandro Dutra Aka Lea-D


Leandro Dutra AKA Lea-D, has been born in 1981, in Baradero, (Buenos Aires). His passion for music began at an early age, influenced by Pop and the rhythms of Early 80’s Disco music, and later, by the sonic rock and pop style of great artists such as Soda Stereo, Babasnicos, Gustavo Certi, U2 and Depeche Mode.

At the age of 13, he discovers new sounds coming from Europe and United States. Bands and producers like Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Kraftwerk, Sasha, John Digweed and Orbital life-marked his destiny as a musician.

In 1999 he decides to move to the other side of music and began composing it, aided by different computer softwares, without any previous music-theory guide, starting a self-taught game.

Later on 2002 he starts playing keyboards and synths in a rock/pop local band called Fanny Ardant. They played at many different bars, festivals and events in Argentina. As the time went by, he has been invited to integrate different rock and pop groups. As well, he decides to musicalize events and concerts of his band creating different atmospheres with his music before the other members of the band go up to stage.

In 2003 with Diego Romero, Fanny Ardant’s main guitar player, creates a recording studio and produces artists including from punk to folklore.

A year after, with the mind cleared and the eyes (ears) opened, he enters in the Musical Producer career at the EMBA (Escuela de Msica de Buenos Aires)

With lots of production works in his possession that belongs to ambient and house as well as progressive, trance and more, but it’s on 2005 that he decides to lunch his career as a DJ, playing in the beginning at private parties and, after a few months, as the Resident DJ of “La Sala”,

a local pub/bar, where he gets a great experience about how to manage a crowd in a dancefloor.

The year 2007 finds him playing in different bars and clubs of Buenos Aires and Argentina, plus his Residence every Saturday night at a club at his hometown.

His productions was supported by many djs around the globe and charted in the most important rankings too. His tracks was play by djs like Randall Jones, Dj Taucher, Ariel Cybana, Cristian Giandini, Ariel Curtis, Mauricio Duarte to name a few.