Le Gammeltoft - DJ Biography Already one of the most well known DJs in Denmark, she is successfully balancing a busy schedule between daily radio shows on national Danish ... read more
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Denmark

Le Gammeltoft – DJ Biography

Already one of the most well known DJs in Denmark, she is successfully balancing a busy schedule between daily radio shows on national Danish Radio’s P3, her record label Sound of Copenhagen and constant DJ gigs to name a few of her many activities. A true crossover artist, Le is respected equally as DJ playing underground house & techno from all sexy sides of the two genres, as well as being a dominant profile within the indie scene. As a closer look at her intensely long resume and biography will quickly reveal, this is one clever and well educated chick on one side, and one sexy floor controller on the other.

It has taken only 5 years for Le Gammeltoft to successfully conquer the club crowd and radio listeners of Denmark. This fast success is not only due to her close working relationship with legendary Danish DJ Kjeld Tolstrup, but more importantly, this comes from hard work on the clubs and dance floors of Copenhagen. It begins in 2005 with the aspiring DJ buying at set of cd players and a mixer to learn the technical side of mixing and programming tracks. Only one year later, Le is already sitting on two weekly residencies in inner city Copenhagen, playing her indie sets at Nørrebro based Bar Gefährlich and mixing up disco, house and techno at legendary Zoo Bar. Le’s undeniable energy and talent for rocking the party spreads quickly to the rest of the city and after only 2 years of picking up on the do’s, don’ts and hell yeah’s of the DJ profession, Le Gammeltoft has made a household name for herself in Copenhagen club land. It all culminates in a wave of success in 2008 and 2009, when Le is invited to co-host “Unga Bunga” on DR P3 together with Danish DJ legend Kjeld Tolstrup. But even more importantly, she enjoys her most prolific bookings up until that point, which saw her delivering ground shaking sets at Roskilde Festival’s “Promille” Stage and the famous Skanderborg Festival in front of thousands of people. Both experiences catapulted Le Gammeltoft into the big league of Danish DJs.

For any normal person, the same amount of focus to three so different areas of music would seem impossible to pull off. How can all three genres be getting equal amount of attention and how can the crowds belonging to the different scenes accept this chameleon approach to DJ’ing ?, you might ask. The answer is, through the unmistakable credibility and deeply serious approach. With this ammunition, Le Gammeltoft has not had any problems in any of the areas, and are at any performance delivering a focused devoted set within the respective genres. Ask the thousands of people that have been enjoying the sounds of Le Gammeltoft and you will hear the same. And the collective Danish DJ and clubbing scene agree. So much that Le took home two awards in 2010 – at the annual Danish DJ Awards 2010, for “Upfront DJ of the year” and at Club Awards the “Special Achievement of the year (for the impact her radio show Unga Bunga had on the scene)”.

The success of the three-headed DJ concept, is to be found in her carefully chosen and crafted platforms. She not only works from them, but has also been a significant part of creating, producing and executing them. To give a more detailed breakdown of the balance between the genres, The Club (House & Tehno) scene is attended to from constant bookings at the cool clubs, events and bars of Copenhagen, also from her record label Sound Of Copenhagen, for which she scout and select new tracks and artists in support of the ever growing scene of new talents in Denmark. And not least the six hour radio show “Unga Bunga “ every friday on DR P3 (national radio). The indie scene has the pleasure of her involvement at the intimate wednesday event “Klub Rolig” which is another concept dreamt up by Le. And finally the more accessible electronica and indie meets with more mainstream based music on her daily primetime slots on national radio. Le Gammeltoft is not only a success story on the dance floors and on radio because of her natural instincts and understanding of music. She has through her high level education and numerous jobs as a Journalist, Production Manager, Editor, Translator and TV Presenter to name a few, accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge and experience, and is today already a huge capacity of the Danish music scene.

For the near future Le Gammeltoft is going to go international with the label and events under the Sound Of Copenhagen name, and of course, the next logical step is getting into the production side of music. She has just finished her first remix and it will be released on Universal Music fall 2010.

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