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LdRS (Leaders) is the project name of the DJs and producers Joe Gomez and Loki Buchanan from Austin, Texas. In the past few years, with the rise of their popularity as DJs and Music Producers, the LdRS have catapulted themselves to the top echelon of DJs, thanks in part to their over the top DJ performances and larger-than-life remixes, LdRS are now a household name for both live performances and stellar production.

The pair are a non-stop high-energy duo that is notorious for filling up dance floors. Musically, their sets are filled with exclusive one of a kind Electro House remixes of crowd favorites with their signature remix touch as well as original tracks that can be found on Beatport and ITunes.

LdRS is expected to release their first EP in the first quarter of 2012 and play events and Clubs across North America in support of the release.

With a steadily growing fan base, LdRS has made a habit of putting out unforgivingly intense Electro tracks, making them one of the most frightening up-and-comers in today’s electro scene.