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LCK is back from Australian Tour (ONE ODD) and Malaysia (LCK)

Luiz Carlos Da Cunha (Kunya) a.k.a LCK discovered his love for melodic and uplifting trance when he first started djing in 1999. Completing a DJ course at DMC Records, he became equipped with the tools which he would later use to establish his career, inspired by the trance sound.

Through his dedication, passion, and infinite ability behind the decks, LCK gained his first residency at Australia’s number 1 underground rave club, Bass Station, where he would soon form a strong and invaluable friendship with Master Kaos, an already renowned trance/scratch DJ, who introduced LCK to the scratchin’ side of things. Taking his teachings on board, LCK created his own process style, a fusion of genres and was exposed to the works of the likes of DJ Noise, Roc Raida, Mix Master Mike, Cash Money and Qbert, whom now inspires LCK not only through his exceptional skills in scratching, but also in his everyday living.

In no time at all, LCK’s diversity and innovation proved him to be a crowd favorite, not only at Bass Station but also at various Melbourne clubs where he has graced the dance floors such as Metro, ZOS, Hi Fi Bar, Tunnel, Altitude, Bubble and the Palace, as well as playing alongside such talent as Qbert, Yoji Biomehanika, Proteus, Scot Project, Cosmic Gate, A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid, Walt, Showtek, Derb, Steve Hill, D – 10, Alex Kidd, Chris Liberator, Organ Donors, Alex Szahala, RX, Energy Dai, Oliver Kiltzing, Marc Dawn (Green Court), Brooklyn Bounce, Leeroy Thornhill (Prodigy), DJ WAG (YAKOOZA), Dave Joy, Nick Sentience, Guyver, Andy Farley, Phil York, Tara Reynolds, Thomas Trouble, Paul King, Nick Lunn, Nick Fish, Bexta, Master Kaos, Jason Midro, DJ Archie, Nervous, Amber Savage, DUB, Yoshi and De Bang Da Funk. Not only a crowd favorite, but alongside Master Kaos, LCK has carved his way to become a leader of the trance/scratch sound in Melbourne, causing his to be the name echoed whenever the genre of scratching is mentioned.

LCK is open to so many different styles of music and is forever looking for fresh and innovative ideas to combine and manipulate sounds, creating DJ formats ahead of their time. He believes there are no limits (Quote: Your most powerful tool is yourself, it is up to you how you use it) as to what you can do and create with music. It is this philosophy that has taken him to the forefront of Melbourne’s trance/scratch scene, and has driven him to recently branch out and experiment with diverse styles including drum’n’bass and breaks.

With a driving passion to introduce and educate people in the unique style and techniques of scratching to which he has become accustomed, LCK has recently launched his own business called Dyverse Scratching Techniques (DST) which is designed to help teach others DST in both school environments and private tutorials over all styles of music including trance, drum’n’bass and breaks. DST will be one of many Sponsors to upcoming event STEP YOUR GAME UP – Break Dancing event!!!

Joining ex band One Odd Reason, now named One Odd, LCK has taken his turntablism to the next step combining his Dyverse Scratching Techniques with 2 Guitarists, Vocalists, Bass, and Drummer. One Odd just finished their Australian National Tour with American boyz CKY having played their second gig ever in Brisbane.

Always wanting to inspire others and to be inspired, now Manager of Tsunami Records LCK can do that even more helping music lovers find those songs that keep a smile on there dial. So far LCK has hosted 3 in stores including the likes of Mike Humphries, Ignition Technican, Deetron, Yoji Biomehanika, Scot Project, and Steve Hill.

Along with Master Kaos, 9th Insight was created. Back bigger than ever, 9th Insight is ready to show you how it’s done on 4 Deks, 2 mixers, and QFOz – (Hybrid) Turntable and Mixer in 1. 2006 looks to be a big year for the 9th Insight. Together they have played at such events as Sunshine People, Pharmacy, Digital, Two Tribes, and more. Keep an eye out for the 9th Insight.

After the One Odd Tour, LCK was off to Malaysia to headline major event HardSquence. Let’s just say LCK’s records didn’t rock up until 30 mins after the event finished. Put in a situation having to use Lee Roy – DJ Drive cds and having never played a cd set in his life, he made it a night to remember.

LCK will scratch you later.