Lbr Beatport


Young Drummer turned Dj, the city life made a change in the musical direction for “LB”, after numerous apartment building complaints, Chicago created a new dj. Beats from congo’s, then drums, suddenly a belt driven Garrard turntable without a picth had to do. With guys like Frankie, Ron and Farley to name a few were tearin it up in the Chi, LB was fast becoming a “House Party” favorite in the Lincoln Park and Lakeview areas. At 17, with a background of playing in a Rock band and spinnin 45s of classic soul for the family, it was easy to come into the party scene ready to please. Going into a dormant state to raise a family, LB finally picked up the wax again and started Silver mix musica music mix download site for mp3 mix downloads. LB also has performed live at BCH, Africa’s and Secrets since returning and is available to spin at your event.