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DJ/Producer, owner of Platform 7even & PL7 Record Labels.


[email protected]

Tracks released under following labels:

Material sub label Sonics


HardCutz Records



Waldliebe Familien

911 Recordings

Dum a Dum Records

Deux Minds

White Minds Records

Pasica Recordings

Ritmikal Records

JMG Label

LW Recordings

Killer Instinct Records

Hutman Records

Cosmic Collision Records

Benny Production

List of some of the venues I’ve played at:

Robin Hood, Hamilton (Bermuda)

Play 2, Ibiza (Spain)

Otis Lounge, San Francisco (USA)

Ministry of Sound, London (UK)

Pacha, London (UK)

The Egg, London (UK)

Sketch, London (UK)

The Artesian Well, London (UK)

93 Feet, London (UK)

Raving Buddha, London (UK)

McQueen, London (UK)

Topshop, London, Birmingham (UK)

H&M, London (UK)

The Loom Bar, London (UK)

The Plum Tree, London (UK)

The Colosseum, London (UK)

The Driver, London (UK)

Avalon, London (UK)

The Doors, London (UK)

Inigo Bar, London (UK)

Soul pepper, London (UK)

Rum and Sugar, London (UK)

Public Life, London (UK)

Mango Bar, Reading (UK)

Club Mrkev, Opava (CZE)

Club Depo, Opava (CZE)

Club A, Havirov (CZE)

Brixton Jamm, London (UK)

Anam Bar, London (UK)

Palm Beach, London (UK)

Living Bar, London (UK)

The Whitehouse, London (UK)

The Brickhouse, London (UK)

The Russian Bar, London (UK)

Horse & Groom, London (UK)

Covert, London (UK)

Apple & Pears, London (UK)

The Fridge Bar, London (UK)

DAB, London (UK)

Bar a Bar, London (UK)