Lawrens Beatport


Dj Lawrens has beginning his career in 1998. He became famous playing in parties organised by his friends who had noticed his ability to make move the dance floor.

Next he was noticed by Mark?s Attack, a very active event manager in Belgium.

He proposed him to become resident for his concepts:

that?s how DJ Lawrens made move the clubbers of several night clubs in Belgium.

In 2000, Lawrens signed for a new concept called Zenko in witch music, show and exposition of young artists are mixed.

Lawrens played in very great night clubs like the Versuz, the Night Live and in places containing more than 5000 people.

After these events, the name Lawrens became a figure in Liege.

He played in several very famous places in Liège like the Phoenix Club (who promotes young artists).

The notoriety of Lawrens is growing and more and more people are fans.

TC Brain proposed him a residence at the famous club Barocco where he played with greatest Belgian and international deejay?s.

Now Lawrens is resident on too and he collaborates at the creation of the play list.

Lawrens will soon propose at the public his own productions in association with Dj Phillip.

They both dream to share their passion for music with the all the people in the world, and to make move all the clubbers of the most famous night clubs in the world.