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At the age of 12, Lawrence Palmer already engaged in different styles. Besides pop, rock and classical music, he developed an affinity for electronic music. An artist accompanied by the vision to awake and share the good in a human being, Lawrence Palmer is born.


Lawrence Palmer has gained experience with numerous performances in local clubs, at parties, radio stations and open-air events. He and Robert E. brought up a new party concept for the club ‘Firehouse’ (East of Switzerland). The series of parties that used to be one of the best trance parties in Switzerland was reborn themed ‘Rebirth of Trance’. The result of which was a crowded club, a breathtaking atmosphere and fixed dates for further events.


At the Street Parade the biggest dance festival in Switzerland, Lawrence Palmer won the Mainstation DJ Contest in the ‘OXA’ club in Zurich. He was engaged for a set on the love mobile of Labor Productions and could perform on the legendary party ‘Mainstation’. At this party that is held at the mainstation in Zurich, the top-class beats and melodies of his sets enchanted over 15,000 visitors immediately.


Lawrence Palmer has successfully realized further projects. Together with an experienced producer team, various studio productions were completed. The first release ‘streamline’ is out now on Cornspiracy Recordings.


Re-Booking to ‘Mainstation’ at Street Parade Zurich, introducing a new trance set. The enhancements of the party series ‘Firedance’ are getting up to speed, and his newest production is remixed by the internationally famous artist Giuseppe Ottaviani (NuNRG).


Lawrence Palmer is a DJ whose heart beats for the sound. Every performance is a party for him, and he celebrates the events together with his audience. But it’s the music that takes centre stage. To perform is not only a job for Lawrence Palmer; it is an opportunity for him to connect people with his music.

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