Top 50k on The DJ List

Lauri Soini

Helsinki, Finland



Lauri Soini has a creative and musical background. Although at the same time when his mother wanted him to take violin lessons, he was more interested in computers. Meanwhile he also managed to study in an art school.

“When dad was listening his Stevie Wonder records, I bet he didn’t expect to see me playing the very same vinyl years after in a club to young people.”

The real passion for electronic music hit Lauri in the year 1990 when he heard house mixes for the first time.

“Those new sounds took me quickly into different electronic styles from deep to more intense stuff. Thanks to Gilles Peterson’s ‘A Thing Called Jazz’ radio program back then I became also familiar with all kinds of fresh music influenced strongly by jazz and soul.”

Somewhere in the mid-nineties Lauri started to produce his own material and also began Djing more seriously. At that time his selection included mainly techno, but also deep house records.

“Chain Reaction and Maurizio -style techno had a great impact on me then and they still inspire me a lot.”

Since then Lauri has been playing records at various events all around. Apart from DJing you could find his DJ-sets and tracks being played by national radio stations. Recently Lauri did come up with a few very appreciatEd Solo live performances.

Lauri’s musical style as a DJ can be shortly described as deep dance music with influences from everything. He did gain some respect with house mixes before, but shortly after 2002 he moved more into jazz and bossa material that turned out to be very refreshing change for dance floors.

“Besides my eclectic musical style, places where I like to perform vary from cozy lounge rooms and clubs to trashy bars and sometimes quite heavy underground events and outdoor festivals.”

Currently Lauri spends his time collecting records and performing in various locations besides working in the studio and having busy time in a day job.

“As a DJ my personal challenge, which sometimes might seem never ending, is to surprisingly dig out all good records in the world.”

Colleague DJ Ender runs his monthly club Remix in Helsinki with Lauri.

“Remix is considered to be fun on the dance floor yet serious when it comes to music that we play.”

Basically they have as many different styles as possible with a certain flow to keep everybody interested.

“Recently in Remix we have been focusing more on punk disco and edits mixed up with house, boogie, classic synth pop and some indie rock.”