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Lauren Flax

House, Techno

DANR Music (DJs Are Not Rockstars), Onelove
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Musician , producer , and DJ – Lauren Flax has worked with Grammy-nominated vocalists Both Individually and as part of the prominent Brooklyn duo CREEP . CREEP’s debut " Echoes "what Widely Praised for its unique blend of trip hop , shoegaze , and house music elements . Most Recently Lauren has returned to her house roots, with her ​​songs and mixes airing on Radio1 , Triple J , and most recently Roger Sanchez’s ’ Release Yourself ‘radio show. In the midst of what is being hailed as a major revival of New York’s club scene, Lauren has Firmly established herself as a fixture of this new era of dance music, and with her ​​productions in the pipeline for 2015, she will no doubt continue ago Journey from Cult Following to Club World Mainstay.

CREEP crystallized from the plaintive calm , tainted emotions , and moonlit gloom of predawn New York. The moments just before night turns to morning, When the walk home throws the hours before it in strong, paralyzing relief and the air is charged with every thought imaginable. CREEP is more concretely a pair of Laurens , Dillard and Flax , who began playing together in 2009 , merging Their distinct musical backgrounds into a haunting, singular sound. Lauren Dillard spent the early 00s making experimental visual art and Equally experimental Accompanying scores in New York and London’s Club World, while Lauren Flax what living down the street from Detroit’s notorious Motor Lounge and cutting her teeth on production through the city’s legendary house scene. " Flax comes from more of a classic house background , “says Dillard,” and I am into a bit more experimental stuff. She smooths down the harshness of what I do and I fuck up her slick production. "

The Laurens’ musical worlds overlap in a shared love of early Industrial , Especially the dark atmospherics of Throbbing Gristle and Ministry , Which Provides a running current of melancholy and menace through Their creative back-and-forth. Their secret weapon, HOWEVER, is a curatorial ear for vocal collaborators , for Whose singing CREEP’s Music is not just a backdrop, but a willing and eager partner Sonic.