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LAUER & CANARD / Bio-, Discography

Lauer Krisztián and Kása Balázs aka Lauer & Canard has first appeared in 2007 at the Beatport. Both of their careers had started very early, however the real change in their life was brought by their collaboration. We can trace the origin of their music obviously brought from their roots in all their music productions. They were influenced by a whole range of music style from the soul-funk to the underground house of New York which they continuously build in the present trends. They fame was first established by their first release the Hypnotize. From this time several significant music publishers issued their music such as the Toolroom, the Peppermint Jam in association with Mousse T, the mellow Nervous, the Purple Music, Seamless, Kontor or the Stealth well known by the legendary Roger Sanchez. In 2009 together with their fellow countrymen, Belocca and Soneec couple they made the Raspberry Mouth which was again another step forward. The EP was supported by famous names as the Swedish House Maffia, Fedde Le Grand or such as the Funkerman. The cooperation is surely successful, so there has been several other music compositions being born. Their DJ sets are freely determined by eclectics and diversity characterizing both of them.


- He was first appeared with his talent and special style mixing the Funky with latin, funk and house style in the middle of the 90ies.

- From 1997 he was a significant DJ of the Roxy radio being famous at his age

- First official disc mix the Club Fiesta in 2000

- Soon the most demanding DJ in Hungary.

- He plays together with names as Alfredo, Marsha Jefferson, Junior Jack, David Morales, Aaron Ross, Bob Sinclair, D.O.N.S, Stephan Pompougnac, Bruno Cafe Del Mar, Sam Cannon Hed Kandi, Roger Sanchez, Danny Rampling

- Events, clubs however not limited to the followings: Ministry of Sound, Sziget Festival, Pacha Budapest, Home etc.

- In December, 2005 started the Discos’hit, a unique radio DJ project in Hungary of which he is one of the basic pillars of the present day.

- Since 2007 he made, releases several joint productions and mixes with Canard


- He received his first computer when he was 8, and he made his own productions when he was 15.

- During his secondary school he became the part of the staff of the „” started its operation at that time.

- He was almost 20 and participated in country tours and received an invitation to the Glizz in Germany.

- In 2007 he met Lauer and realized that they could work together well which founded their later work they still do today.

- During this time he is a broadcaster in several FM radios, as well as editing programs, providing technical support or doing promotions. Rise FM,, Gerilla radio. At present you can hear him in the Onemusicradio in the “One Love” in two hours per week.

You can catch Canard’s program at the internet radio on every Wednesday, called as “Caffee House” from 5 pm until 8 pm.

Lauer is one of the DJs of Radio1 in the program called Discos’hit on every Wednesday and Saturday.


Lauer & Canard & Soneec – Sunny / Toolroom Pres.Leaders Of The New School

Lauer & Canard – I Need You / Leaders of The New School

Lauer & Canard – Summer Love / Leaders of The New School

Belocca, Soneec, Lauer, Canard – Plastic Crock / Leaders of The New School

Belocca, Soneec, Lauer, Canard – Playground / Leaders of The New School

Lauer & Canard & Soneec – The Making of You Ft. Robert Owens / Seamless Rec.

Lauer & Canard – Deep Inside / Seamless Rec.

Lauer & Canard – Wacks / Seamless Rec.

Lauer & Canard, Soneec – Can’t Stop / Seamless Rec.

Lauer & Canard – Get A Life / Seamless Rec.

Belocca, Soneec, Lauer, Canard – There’s You Buildt Up / Purple Music

Belocca, Soneec, Lauer, Canard – Homework / Purple Music

Lauer & Canard – It’s Not Over / Peppermint Jam

Lauer & Canard – Vibration / Peppermint Jam

Lauer & Canard – Iberican Dream / Nervous Records

Lauer & Canard – Sunset / Nervous

Lauer & Canard & Soneec – Da Music / Nervous

Lauer & Canard – Dancin / Nervous

Lauer & Canard – Livin On A Dub / Nervous

Lauer & Canard – Aquanile / Nervous

Lauer & Canard – You Got Me Down / Nervous

Belocca, Soneec, Lauer, Canard – Raspberry Mouth / Nervous

Lauer & Canard – Hypnotize / LIP Rec.

Lauer & Canard – Walking On The Sun / LIP Rec.

Lauer & Canard – No More / LIP Rec.

Lauer & Canard – Fly With Me / Struggle Digital

Lauer & Canard – Sabotage / Struggle Digital

Lauer & Canard – Dirty Sick / Struggle Digital

Lauer & Canard – Get Up / Housesession Rec.


Belocca, Soneec – Bla Bla / Stealth

Patrick Hagenaar – Work It / Housesession Rec.

Gabriel & Castellon Ft. Polina – Perfect World / Star69

Tune Brothers – High Energy / Sume Rec.

Hoxton Whores – Sunrise / Peppermint Jam

Geoff M.,Terrence T., E-man – In The Club / Peppermint Jam

Jazzloungerz – Amor / Seamless

Muzzaik – I like It / Seamless Rec.

Pray For More, Latasha Jordan – Shame / LIP Rec.

Belocca,Soneec – What A Feeling / LIP Rec.

Muzzaik – You Can Turn Me On / LIP Rec.

Soneec – Aura / LIP Rec.

Soulstream – Eastern Promise / LIP Rec.

PJC – Shining Flute / LIP Rec.

Soneec – First Flat / LIP Rec.

Belocca, Exacta – Lost In Music / LIP Rec.

Gero – Out Of My Head / LIP Rec.

URH, Muzzaik – Mellow Ft.Virag / Nite Grooves

Midnite Sleaze, Belocca – Body To This / Velcro

Aaron Ross – Showtime / Blacksoul Music

Digital albums, compilations

Subliminal Essentials Pres.House Calls By Rony Seikaly / Subliminal

Toolroom Records Ibiza 2010 Vol.2. / Toolroom Rec.

Toolroom Records Selector Series 3. Martijn Ten Velden / Toolroom Rec.

Toolroom Records Vs.Leaders Of The New School: Best Of 2009 / Toolroom Rec.

Toolroom Records Pres. Ibiza 09’ / Toolroom Rec.

Nervous Rewind 2009 / Nervous Rec.

Conference Buzz 2009 / Nervous Rec.

Oscar G – DJ / Nervous

Ibiza Summer Vibes 2010 / Recovery House

Twisted House Vol.3 / Recovery House

Rocking Down The House / Recovery House

Full House Presented By Creme 21 – Der Club / Recovery House

Midnight House Vibes / Recovery House

We Love Paris – Fashion House Night / Recovery House

We Call It House Vol.5. / Recovery House

Twisted Disco Vol.1 / Recovery House

St Tropez Summer Vibes / Recovery House

We Love Ibiza 2010 / Recovery House

White Vibes Progressive Session 2.0 / Recovery House

We Call It House Vol.6.Pres.Jochen Pash / Recovery House

Faces Of House / Recovery House

Bang This / Recovery House

Palffy Club House Hits Vol.1. / Housevisions

Deep Into The Vibe Vol.2. / Caballero Rec.

Destination Ibiza 2010 / Caballero Rec.

Raveline Pres. Ibiza Peaktime / DJ Series

Seamless Sessions Amsterdam 10 / Seamless Rec.

Seamless Sessions Best Of 2009 / Seamless Rec.

Seamless Sessions Ibiza 2009 / Seamless Rec.

Best Nights Ever… Beach Party / Seamless Rec.

Purobeach – Volumen Seis / Seamless Rec.

Seamless Session Ibiza 10 / Seamless Rec.

Ibiza Opening Party 2008 / Le Bien Et Le Mal

King Street Sound Summer Anthem 2009 / King Street

Gaylight / The Saturday Club

A State Of House Vol.5. / Hugh Rec.

CD compilation

Puro Beach – Volumen Seis / Seamless Rec.

Best Nights Ever – Beachparty / Seamless Rec.

David Tort – Nervous Nightlife / Nervous Rec.

Oscar G – DJ / Nervous Rec.

Jamie Lewis – My Girlfriend Is Out Of Town Vol.4 / Purple Music

Purple Music – Anthology Chapter II / Purple Music

The Shapeshifters – Summadayze 2010 / EQ Rec.

The Nu Sound Of Ibiza / Kontor Rec.