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Latin Prince

Woodland Hills, United States

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The Latin Prince Beginning.

DJ Latin Prince’s musical career began in 1990s,

mixing and providing music at local parties, weddings,

as well as schools. However, 1987 can be seen as the

starting point to his rise in urban music mixing.

A household name in the San Francisco Bay Area

music scene, Latin Prince had a huge following,

notably at City Lights, The X, Sound Factory, Club

Mirage, Giovanis to name a few. Eventually, in 1992,

Latin Prince found himself a slot on the number 1

rated radio station, KMEL.

Mixing it up.

Mixing with the likes of former mentor, Alex Meija

(Radio AOL/former A&R, Virgin Records), Glenn Aure

(Capitol Records), Dave Meyer (Wicked Mix), Franzen

Wong (KVEG, Las Vegas) and Rick Lee (KMEL), they

collectively formed the original line up for the ALL


In 1997, Latin Prince packed his vinyls at KMEL

and moved to Los Angeles, becoming the Associate

Producer, alongside Ricky Leigh of HITS Magazine, for

his famous mix show column.

A Different Cut Altogether.

Running the column for 5 years, Latin Prince then

decided to have a go at the label side. In 2001, he

joined the urban staff at MCA Records, as the National

Director of Rap Promotions. Here, Latin Prince found

huge success, breaking records of the more famous

stars, like Mary J. Blige, Common, Roots, Talib Kweli,

Field Mob and many others.

By 2003, MCA decided to close its doors, and Latin

Prince formed his own Marketing & Promotions

company in return. Urban Jungle Music, got off to a

very good start, consulting on projects for J Records,

Geffen Records, Universal Records, Atlantic Records,

RSMG, Interscope and so much more.

As National Mix Show Director for TVT Records, Latin

Prince was part of the double platinum success of Lil’

Jon & The East Side Boyz. He also worked with Teedra

Moses, China White, 213, Pitbull (Gold), Ying Yang

Twins (who recently went gold and platinum) and so

much more.

The World Wide Latin.

Athough busy consulting and producing, DJ Latin

Prince continues to drop mixes at radio stations all

over the country. One of it is Radio AOL, which enables

him to be heard worldwide via web. What Latin Prince

should be recognized for is the collaboration and

the union of Bum Squad DJz and MSPOT. (The 1st DJ Squad to have a mix show channel on all Sprint


Wanting to take mixed music and garner recognition

for his crew, Latin Prince established the BUM SQUAD

DJz’s website, helping them break new music across

the country and around the world. Latin Prince is also

instrumental in the development of the BUM SQUAD

DJz Magazine, (

Another achievement is the creation of Bum Squad

Djz dot com, the largest and most popular site for DJs

around the world to download new music from all the

music labels.

The Prince, Claiming his throne.

Latin Prince is now currently the new National

Director of Mix Show West Coast, Universal Records,

Motown, Los Angeles. Among the artist that he is

currently working with are Lil’ Wayne, Ali & Gipp,

Penelope Jones, Chamillionaire, 216, Remy Martin

and many others.

DJ Latin Prince still mixes, and tours worldwide to

Croatia, London, Paris, Bangkok and several countries

every month.

20 Million and Counting.

The Bum Squad DJz’s have now become the most

explosive DJ Movement in the music industry.

20 million hits in 2007. 35 – 40 odd unique visitors per

month. It is no wonder that

has become the first and largest meeting ground for

DJs in the world.

With a huge following in the United States, Croatia,

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macedonia, China and several more countries

across the globe, can

accumulate at least 1 million hits a month.

Not content with the online following, The Bum Squad

DJz’s have their own magazine, and also have been

featured in international publications, more recently

the Croatian Cosmopolitan and Playboy.

Launched in 2004 by Latin Prince, www.bumsquaddjz.

com allows DJs to quickly identify and expose the

hottest tracks from artistes, helping to generate

“DJs are the

backbone of

the music