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DJ Lasheen; born Mahmoud Fekry Lasheen in Alexandria Egypt, he is an Egyptian DJ and record producer of electronic dance music. Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Lasheen. On his latest productions, however, he has dropped the “DJ” label and is now known simply as “Lasheen”, an alias which is his family name.

Dj lasheen is well recognized across the globe because of his unique style and uplifting beats as he was one of the top Dj’s according to hedkandi competition and Tiesto Remix contest that was held by Beatportal and for Knock you out track from Tiesto new album (Kaleidoscope), Lasheen was rated from the very beginning to the end of the competition no.1 best remix and music producer.


Lasheen was born in Alexandria, Egypt on May 11, 1984 from Egyptian parents then lived in (Abu Dhabi) till the age of six with his Mother (Wafaa Hassan) and his Father (Fekry Lasheen), he also has a younger sister (Sherihan Fekry) and a brother (Zayed Fekry).

Since his childhood Lasheen was noticed in his family with his good music taste. Since the age of six he used to listen to Mozart and Beethoven with his father as his father saw his passion to the music is growing, he started taking him to opera concerts and teach him piano lessons to feed his music desire.

==Life and musical career==

’’’1997 – 2001 Early life and musical beginning’’’’

In 1997 Lasheen made his 1st single (Moon Park) which was a big hit back then, it was to be known the first progressive uplifting track with the tech taste. Then in 2001 his production became stronger when he teamed up with his production partner Karim Swelam and they made so many singles together the most popular was Egyptian Pharaohs.

Late 2001, he joined the Medical school in Alexandria University.

’’’2002–2009: Rise to fame’’’

2002 was a very good year for him as he started his professional music career, traveling and Deejaying around the world indoors and outdoors parties mostly in Middle East.

2003 lasheen concentrated on remixing, as he started remixing old and vintage electronic tracks with evolved, new age taste and more trance like his favorite genre.

2004 – 2009 Lasheen opened his own Record Label ( Beat Room ) which was the first professional music record label to be dedicated to house, trance and electronic music in Egypt. He made so many singles along with so many Egyptian deejays, he also made his well known remixes for The Anatomy (System Recordings Production) and From Deep Inside (Friends Recordings Productions). He Also worked with a well known international music artists like Marcie and Yestive and many more as he had all his singles released on all the well known music portals.

Late 2009 Lasheen made a remix for “Tiesto Remix Contest” that was held by Beatportal and Beatport. He was rated no.1 best remix and music producer in the contest. which was a big success in dj lasheen career, as expected he will sign this release with Ultra and Pias records the well known and most recognized records labels for dance music.

Now Lasheen is working on his new album “The Joker” influenced from a wide variety of musical styles and cultural grooves with driving beats best described as Progressive with elements of Tech & Trance estimated to be released in 2010. Also he’s working on his new radio show and podcast “Trance Jungle” that will be available on January 1st, 2010.

’’’Aliases and Links’’’

Also known as: Lasheen , lashien , dj lashyn , dj lash , dj lasheno , dj lasho , dr lasheen.

Genre(s): Electronica, trance, dance, progressive trance

Occupation(s): Disc jockey, record producer & Doctor