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Laryssa Korhparova

Moscow, Russian Federation


Laryssa Korhparova SoundcloudLaryssa Korhparova SoundcloudLaryssa Korhparova Soundcloud


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Largely influenced by the talent of Jean Michel Jarre, Audreyvka Laryssa Korhparova-Beschastnykh born in Marseille France December 23 1989 located in several countries around the world, over 18 years has shown his talent in debut as a composer.

The objective is to convey Laryssa amplified his feelings throught special sound of Trance Gender and after having released the singles Valais and Voyage has been quite popular according to her solitary result of extensive effort.

The new sound is enveloping atmosphere travez of novelty.

Laryssa Korhparova currently is creating new singles and blends to the delight of his friends and supporters to travez of France.