In 1995 a then 25 year old German DJ made his lifelong dream a reality when he moved to New York City, a place that had always been an inspiration to him. Not knowing a sin... read more
Lars Beatport


In 1995 a then 25 year old German DJ made his lifelong dream a reality when he moved to New York City, a place that had always been an inspiration to him. Not knowing a single person and carrying only a box of records, two turntables and a mixer, Lars descended on the big apple with a deep passion for NY house music. “Having played major European clubs and festivals I wanted to move on, and the US felt like the logical next step.”

Lars’ enthusiasm for djing has placed him with the elite on the N. American rave/club circuit. He quickly earned dj slots at major clubnights with his blend of hard, dark, funky house that continuous to ignite crowds across the U.S “His passion for the music is genuine and a listen to his track driven house mix will confirm it,” says DJ Times editor Jim Tremayne in a feature article on the dj. URB Magazine called his set at 1998’ Monster Massive in LA an “outstanding performance”. While Lars’ sets are deeply rooted in House music he infuses them with a more eclectic punch, throwing down the occasional breakbeat, progressive or even techno track, particularly when given the chance to play long sets, which he loves. Not surprising for someone who started their music career at the young age of 10 playing guitar and the piano while listening to a wide range of music.

Lars spent his childhood playing in an array of indie bands, but it was not until one fateful night at the Omen Club in 1990, where he heard fellow countrymen techno dj Sven Vath, that Lars decided to trade in his guitar and amp for two decks and a mixer. This led to a move to Italy where, while djing and promoting in Milan and Rimini, he was first exposed to NY house. Upon returning to Berlin he sharpened his dj skills and gained a reputation as one of the few European djs with a NY touch. A few years later Lars was chosen as a castmember of MTV’ Real World London, a top rated reality based show that attracted an audience of millions in 41 countries. Combined with high profile gigs at Ministry of Sound and the Love Parade, a residency at Leisure Lounge and exposure from the show, Lars was faced with an ironic dilemma when he arrived in the U.S. – being well known, but having to prove oneself. Lars delved into the underground dance music community and emerged as one of the most in demand DJ’ in the U.S. playing 36 different cities in 1997 alone. “House music is my life and it shows when I play,” says the now seasoned dj. Lars has a successful series of mixtapes called “Resident Alien” and in the summer of 1999 released a mix CD, “Sm:)e Mix Session 4”, on Sm:)e Communication. Mixer Magazine called the CD “peppered with surprises in a nice twist to the usual 4/4 thump-a-thon” and CMJ wrote,“the mix is further highlighted by his formidable deck skills, characterized by his long blending of tracks and intelligent track placement”. The release was followed by a 15 city US tour which included Sound Factory in NYC, Karma in Boston and Release in San Francisco. Lars is technical consultant to the DJ division of Pioneer Electronics, has been a featured panelist at the Billboard Dance Music Summit and the DJ Expo and has a monthly mixshow on and