Top 25k on The DJ List

Lars Tindy

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hard Dance, House

Lars Tindy Beatport


Lars always loved music it started at a very young age.

When Lars turned 14 he was already active in the local clubs as a DJ playing records from Hip House to House (period 1988 till 1993)

Lars made a lot of friends in the DJ scene because his character is very easy going.

At the age of 17 he started to work at Mid-town Records one of the first record stores focused on house music in Rotterdam.

Lars his tasted in music was hard and when the house music began to split into “Mellow” and “Hardcore” he turned to Hardcore.

Hardcore was growing fast and when the first big rave’s where given Lars was a part of de line-up.

Together with his friends Paul Elstak and Panic (Dennis Copier) and Darrien Kelly and the Forze Mc Irvin they started in the ‘90’s “The Force DJ Team” this DJ team will turn out to be the most popular in the ‘90’s.

Gigs all over Europe, United Kingdom, Australia where normal for the Forze DJ team.

When they weren’t traveling or playing in the country Lars was resident of the club “Demi Sec” in Spijkernisse. Lars was also a regular guest in Parkzicht in Rotterdam the place where it all started according many people.

In 1996 Lars decided to leave the hardcore scene, DJ Paul turned to commercial hardcore music and that was not Lars his style. Lars did not like the Hardcore scene anymore because of the drugs abuse and sound.

He toke it easy for a little while and after a period Lars started to put all his energy in a new style and project: hardhouse!

He became resident in Club Heat in Rotterdam, where he played House Classics in combination with new, fresh hardhouse tracks and this combination was highly appreciated by the audience.

With this formula he was regularly invited to parties all over Holland.

In this period he started to use the DJ name LARS TINDY.

In 1999 Lars produced his first hardhouse tune together with DJ Rob Fabrie under the name “Bushwankaz” on the label Blue Records. This release became a hit in the hardhouse scene getting full DJ support in England, Germany & Australia.

It went up to no. 2 in the Dutch Dance Charts and got licensed to Pure Groove Records (UK) straight away!

In 2000 he started his own record label “Tindy Tunes” a label that’s loved in the Hardhouse, Harddance, Hardstyle scene.

The tracks are personally selected by Lars and are all high quality. Artist like Derek, Jap, Gizmo and Norman make there appearance on the Tindy Tunes label.

Nowadays he’s still running the label and working at Mid-town Distribution as import/export manager. In the weekend he is often playing on events or in the popular clubs.

Lars is a very sympatric man with a great skills.

A personality that’s easy going and professional.

A busy little man full of experience who always surprises during his sets due to a very diverse taste of (harder) music.

With Lars at your event you can count on good music and a fantastic atmosphere.

A combination of a great records choice and very good mix techniques will make your event a success.