Larry Beatport


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela; Lorenzo Martínez (aka, “DJLarry”) began his musical career at the young age of 13. His interest soon began when he went over to a friend’s party in 2004. The well mixed music and the simplicity of the equipment were enough to convince him to his new hobby: DJing.

Without enough money to buy CD players and speakers, he started with Atomix MP3, an easy DJ software. With some gained experience at small gigs for his friends and family, he switched to Virtual DJ. With this software he began to remix songs and upload them to his site at Soundclick, reaching top 100 twice.

He has acomplished many things: International gigs in such countries like Colombia, Mexico and Dominican Republic, local gigs with recognized DJ’s, and his actual position in the “DJ List” with only 18 years old.