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International DJ/Producer Label Owner

Larry Powers is a Miami based DJ, record producer and label owner. He has produced multiple original and/or remixed top 100 charting singles including a 2008 #5 (Godzilla), 2009 #1 (Milk), 2010 #8 (No More Speed) and recent #1 (Anomaly). His records spent a large portion of the past year at the top of Beatports sales charts (the recognized leader in electronic dance music for Djs and club music enthusiasts). His music can be found on high profile record stores and online points of sale such as Virgin Records, Best Buy, CD Universe, Beatport and 200+ other distribution centers world-wide. He has been featured on some of the most prevalent radio stations in the world such as Radio 1, Radio FG, XM, Muzik FM, Juice, Clear Channel, Galaxy, Proton and Kiss FM and can be found on numerous mixed CD compilations. He is currently supported by and on the play list of some of the dance worlds biggest international DJs and Producers. His remixes and original productions often combine several electronic music genres, making it difficult for critics to pinpoint his musical style but is usually defined as dark broody, hypnotic minimal techno.

In early 2008 he partnered with Miami attorney Tom Morgan to create the label and publishing corporation Rapid Fire Records. Rapid Fire Records has since been responsible for some of the biggest selling electronic music dance records of the past 3 years with 12 top 100s, 4 top 10’s as well as 2 #1 selling tracks. Rapid Fire Records (RFR) has already, in it’s brief history, become a widely recognized brand with over a hundred releases by artist from nearly every corner of the planet.

March of 2011 he partnered with IT Pro and CEO of to launch MIDI Life Records a South Beach based EDM label and publishing corporation focused on the underground sounds of the Techno, Minimal and Deep House genres. MIDI Life Records in it’s brief existence has already licensed 4 of it’s tracks to high profile labels for compilations such as Steve Lawler’s ViVa Music Lights Out 10th anniversary addition and LW Records Techno Essentials and Minimal Essentials volumes 4 and 5 series.

After achieving success as a producer and publisher Larry embarked on and is currently continuing an intercontinental tour of venues from Moscow to Miami.

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Mike Haynes

MIDI Life Records LLC

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Larry Powers

MIDI Life Records

1777 Michigan Ave.

Suite 206

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