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Caracas, Venezuela

House, Progressive House

Filthy Sounds
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Bernardo Lares, aka LaresDJ, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1991. Music has always been in his life: first as a Pianist, then DJing, and eventually as a Producer. At 17 years old he started his first mobile discplay in which he began mixing at small events and parties throughout Caracas. At first they were family and friends’ parties, but he started playing at clubs, big events and even in other states of Venezuela, in which he makes each and every one of them a memorable day for his guests and spectators. This young entrepreneur artist has been recognized by his thousands of fans nationally and internationally.

As a DJ, his speciality is EDM, such as Dance, House, Electro, Progressive, and Latin Music including Merengue, Salsa, Lambada. In other words, LaresDJ loves mixing any kind of music he likes. He has mixed in hundreds of Live Shows, in dozens of locals and pubs in Caracas (Le Club, Hatillo’s Club, Piú, Sake Fest), in other cities in Venezuela (300 Bar & Lounge, San Cristobal, Monastery, San Félix), and with other great artists (Zardonic, DJ Edison, Victor Porfidio, Cristhian Terán, Pierre Roelens, Ernesto Suarez, DJ Kika).

As a Producer, he began in early 2010 creating his own original music tracks. LaresDJ has worked with known labels such as Filthy Records, Aliki Records, People Tech Records, Glam Records, DPM Records, Avocado Records Armored Records. In 2012 he studied in The Recording Workshop, London, a specialized course of Music Production and Sound Engineering, specializing with hardwares and certificating himwelf with softwares like Logic Pro 9 and Ableton Live 8. Over the years he is still wirking and publishing quality tracks, improving and increasingly upgrading his own style.

As a WebMaster since 2009, Bernardo is the manager of the huge hispanic community site, He brings his followers ans subscribers the latest and best news for DJs and Producers. He also writes and shares his own tutorials for all kind of expertice levels. Perhaps that is why he is better known on the internet as LaresDJ.

As a Pianist, his interest began as a child. He comes from a family of musicians. At age 8 he his piano lessons after insisting so much to his parents. At 10, he met Prof. Simon Molina, who has led him to numerous concerts in large halls such as the Teresa Carreno, the Keyboard Museum, Emil Friedman Theatre, Olga Lopez Academy of Music, among others. His love for the playing the piano and live improvisation are his passions. Mixing classical music and latin touch, progressive EDM anthem genre, with romantic melodies, folkloric energy and orchestral kind of sountrack music is what he loves playing the most.

Currently, Bernardo is finishing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas.

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