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Lance Herbstrong

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  • Folk Fusion

    Folk meets EDM? It might be a surprising combo, but it actually has some potential! Three dudes f...

    Tue 13th March 2 AM
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The movement known as Lance Herbstrong.

Through stream-of-consciousness aural atmospherics, Lance Herbstrong takes you on a trip, sustaining musical momentum with sonic layers propelling the rhythms. The result is music that is ethereal and organic, of the air and of the earth, and always moving. The nation’s most esteemed climate change scientists described their first Lance Herbstrong show as a ‘motherfuckin Fun Bomb that just goes off inside you.’

Together, they create the movement known around the world as Lance Herbstrong. Listen to their layered sounds and the connected grooves. Let it get into your orifices. Your day will be better.

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