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SOULMAIN aka LAKESH / Producer / Remixer / Speaker / Musical investigator. He has more than 20 years of experience as a DJ and 11 years of producer. He has worked on the Kult records, Harlequin, Cancun records, Bembe Recordings and other House Music labels. He is Colombian and has performed successfully as a resident DJ at Inn Door cafe Bar, Temptations Discoteca, Ibiza cafe Bar, San Blass among other dance sites in the country. He has been a Radio and TV Announcer in Barranquilla with great success. His program Mundo Dj is remembered in the electronic music culture of the country. His style is influenced by the genre of House Music and tribal sounds with touches techhouse and influenced by the old school.Sus productions and remixes have been played by different Djs of the world . Currently he explores the sounds of Techno, Deep house and Techouse.Lakesh also has the profession of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Therapies, university professor and international lecturer.