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La Flexx

Ontario, United States

House, Open Format

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DJ*LaFlEXX has riddled with plenty of obstacles, negative energy and set backs…like others in similar NEGATIVE situations, was put on the brink of Self Destruction…

Without getting into too much details… the Late Night Partying gives you an idea of the negative influences and behaviors he has been involved with. DJ*LaFLEXX is one of Phillippeno Canadian’s most inspirational up and coming remix master. As a teenager he took action and began bodybuilding, and competed between the ages of 19 to 28, and was encouraged by one of his friends…a former Mr. Windsor bodybuilding competitor to enter bodybuilding competitions.

At first he believed with his small frame that there was no way he could compete with the giants he saw on stage, reluctantly he tried and was amazed to place in his very first competition.

DJ*LaFlEXX states “bodybuilding was one of many adventures in my life which I will never forget; it’s helped make me what I am today”. “I competed in bodybuilding mostly to prove to myself that my size of 5”4" and 185 pounds, could compete with the big boys at 6’ to 6"5" 280 pounds and still be just as good and competitive as them". Bodybuilding has also taught LaFlexx the power of giving and receiving, he has been helped by many professional bodybuilders and in return helps many less experienced bodybuilders. He has learned that what goes around comes around and finds great satisfaction in helping others in need. Bodybuilding has instilled a mined over matter attitude, confidence, inspiration, determination and focus, which LaFlEXX has capitalized on in all areas of life.

Now that the competitive bodybuilding chapter of his life is over, LaFlEXX has spent the last ten years now, bringing his musical talent to sensational levels, Electronic Dance House and Beats are one of LaFlexx passions, although he is very flexible in all styles of music mixes…he really lives up to his name, “DJ*LaFLEXX” as in very flexible! in all styles of music genre…

As a young boy he was a fanatic of break dancer, carrying around his ghetto blaster and dancing in the street with his brothers and neighborhood friends. For the past several years his focused on the Electronic Dance music Scene and has allowed his dj talent to explode. His experienced talent has appeared at a wide range of clubs across the country. His massive mixes and powerful beats have earned him tremendous respect when it comes to the underground sounds he spins. He has appeared with several of the worlds top mix masters including, Mark Oliver, Josh the funky 1, Georg Heitrus, dj Ruckus, dj Marquis, Mea, Sneeks and many others…

Dj*LaFlexx is currently mixing up the industry as one of the co-founders of 3 Deep PowerHouse Promotions & Entertainment Productions… and has released several CDs; he is always working on new Music Beats n Dancey House Remix…

DJ*LaFLEXX achievements are impressive but above all it is what he has become that inspires us the most…he is truly a Master of Utilizing the POWER of the MIND to EMPOWER the Well Being, SELF ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE and HAPPINESS to everyone around him.

A Special Thanks from DJ*LaFlexx, "I want to thank my “FAITH” our Creator for giving me the strength and courage to break away from the negative surroundings that brought me down, my family who lift me up and my true friends for believing in me. With their help I was given the edge I need to achieve Empowerment in every aspect of my life"…

Thank You!

Much Respect!!

Also DJ*LaFLEXX is in the proses on righting his memoir and biography…stay tune!!!