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Lady Of The House

Lady Of The House Beatport


The Lady of the House is someone who knows her music. She has been in and out of the dance music seen since the early 90’,as a promoter and a manager working with local DJs from the Albany NY area to Binghamton NY. She started a small promotional group called COR and put a party together called ‘Believe’ in Binghamton NY with DJ names like; DJ Hardware, Scott Richmand and Jordan Vesteyo. At that time, it was one of the hardest parties upstate NY has seen.

Now located in Melbourne FL. she is ready to try her hand on the 3rd part of the dance biz. Though she has just gotten started behind the wheels, Lady of the House has been in training for almost 10 years. Spinning House and all that comes from House, she want to show people why she loves this music and why it and she has been around for this long.