Top 25k on The DJ List

Lady Fingaz

San Francisco, United States



As the child of a musician some of Lady Fingaz earliest memories revolve around the stage, taking in her fathers gigs, and often sitting in to sing with the band. From this musical beginning she began studying piano, and it wasn’t until her teenage years Lady Fingaz would discover and enthrall herself in her first true love; hip-hop. Soon this Texas native found her element better known as turntablist, producer, and vocalist Dj Lady Fingaz. Moving to New Orleans in 2001 she kept perfecting her mixes and cuts, the basics of turntablism, all while earning two bachelor degrees in business at UNO. It was in New Orleans where she would quickly make a name for herself as a rising female talent in an all to often male dominated genre. In 2004 Lady Fingaz collaborated with local indie hip-hop label Media Darling Records, and toured the U.S. along side some of the labels most talented artists. Later that year she was honored with Best Emerging Hip-Hop Artist by Offbeats Best of the Beats awards for her accomplishments throughout New Orleans. Lady Fingaz has played alongside such artists as Floetry, Galactic, Killah Priest, Murs, Saul Williams, Dj Disk, Faust and Shortee, Buck 65, Dj Klever, and MC Chris just to name a few. She was also a featured performer in the Super Lounge at the 2005 Essence Music Festival. Lady Fingaz has held residencies at some of New Orleans Premier nightclubs as well. In 2006 she joined Females Wit Funk a collective of the top female turntablists from around the world, which includes the likes of femme fatales Shortee, Tyra From Saigon, Annalyze, and many other extraordinary lady tablists. Following the destruction of hurricane Katrina, Lady Fingaz relocated to San Francisco, CA where she now resides furthering her musical pursuit. So now, after accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time, its easy to see why Lady Fingaz has attracted so many people, and even easier to expect great things from her in the future.