Location: Vienna, Austria Austria
Genre: Hardcore / Hard Techno, House
Labels: Rebeat


Language: English

Lady Christine is the “Glamour Fashion Dj” from Vienna

… her stylish sounds are captivating remixes with a tremendous variety of beat: Hard/Tech-house, Hardtrance, Hardstyle, Schranz or Latino as well as Mellow Techno and House music.

Her inspIration is strongly influenced by her love of music, fashion and living in style! Leading to the creation of her own style “Glamour Fashion DJ”.

She travels around the world – live or via radios such as Digital Imported, Braga Radio DJ and many more. Playing for people who share her passion for stylish music.

Her glamorous shows bring a new experience to the clubbing scene world wide. No matter whether she is playing for Ministry of Sound or around globe (India, Portugal, Macedonia,…) – people across the globe just love her glamour and her stylish music!


Lady Christine