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Lady Bandit

Dayton, United States

Breaks, Progressive House

AKA: Beth Lewis

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DJ Lady Bandit recently signed to, Groove Reactor Records, Beth (DJ Lady Bandit) is an up and coming and dedicated DJ and promoter who focuses her time mainly on breaks. DJing since 2001, she actually took a payment on a debt as turntables and has not looked back. She was a resident for ‘Revolutions’ @ Lava Lounge in Cincinnati for Groove Reactor, is working with promoters in Dayton, Reticent Recordings, them doing shows in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, and has played at many massive parties in the MW.

She has played along side such DJ’s as DJ Icey, Dara, DJ Irene, John B, Darude, John Debo, Adam X, Danny the Wildchild, Bam Bam, Hardware, Woody McBride, D:Fuse, Skylab 2000, Dan EFX, Josh the Funky 1, Paul Birken, Sage, and Brian Zentz.

“You could describe my sound as sexy and soulful. I try to play feel good music. Music that makes you feel sexy or think about sex. That’s “sexy breaks” for ya!” Now Beth has started to develop a certain sound that she’s happy with. “I might break out some nasty and gritty breaks, just depends what mood I’m in. You should never limit yourself to one particular sound. How boring!” Beth tends to play a lot of tracks with vocals. “I loooove vocals,” she describes. “That’s the sound I try to bring to the stage. Nothing but funky and sexy sounds to make you get down!” Beth also incorporates Nu Skool breaks with Funky. The two are pretty similar really, just one is made in the U.S. and the other in the U.K. Beth just recently has been working on playing progressive house. “I love house, I mean come on, it’s the reason I’m in the scene!” It’s that sophisticated sound of house music with the deeper, darker side of trance. The fusion together is amazing.

This is how Beth feels about music: “Music to me is a means of escaping into a place where it feels right. No matter what mood you might be in, and that certain song can take you away. Music is magic. It makes your problems disappear, just for a few. It soothes the soul and heals the mind. A song is like opening a photo album and recapping the past, whether it be good or bad, it releases those emotions and feelings that you felt at that time. You remember who you were with, what you were doing and about what time it took place.”