Created from the sounds of rock, alternative, metal and electronica, Ladius made his way into the electronic scene with his original style of hard-banging techno that pounds speakers and always moves the dance floor. His style of fast, non-stop, and relentless three table mixing is sure to catch your attention and drop your jaw when you see him perform.

His love of music began at the age of four when he was introduced to the sounds of Led Zepplin and other types of rock by his family. An obsession for music started to grow inside him, which lead him to buy his first guitar at the age of 10. Craving to hear new and different types of music, Ladius searched for new sounds and artists such as Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Radio Head, and Stone Temple Pilots. He started meeting people with the same love and passion for music. While jamming with his first band for a year, he was introduced to electronic music and the “rave scene”. The diversity of electronic music intrigued him. He liked the wide range of sound and the people involved in this music scene. He felt as if it brought together everyone and anyone. For years, he still played in bands, but his passion subsided and he wanted to take on something new. In an instant, he dropped everything and went out to buy turntables and a mixer. After learning the basics, he started venturing out to find gigs, due to his need to share music and his love of performing for others. After being booked at various parties, he got bored with two turn tables and decided to tackle the challenge of playing on three. Now being booked for gigs on a regular basis and rocking dance floors everywhere, Ladius has decided to take things up another step with music production. Ladius has always thought that there are no boundaries for music and you should always keep an open mind with music, regardless of any style/genre.