Ladislav Brezovnik

Bunbury, Australia


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Thanks for stopping by my page and welcome to my little slice of the web. This is the place to get the low down on what I’m doing in the studio and the very latest Club Trance podcast. Thanks taking the time to listen to my music. I welcome any comments and criticisms. If have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to help. I use Cubase 7 as my main DAW. I also use Logic Pro 9 and Ableton Live 8. You can keep up to date on my productions and Club Trance podcast by following me on facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud. The Club Trance podcast can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

I’m an Australia based Trance DJ, presenter of the Club Trance podcast, producer and all-round electronic music geek. I love to build my own analog signal processing gear with my favorite creations being an improved remake of the famous EMI RS124 compressor and EMI TG12413 compressor. There is no need to have this gear to produce great music I just love building them and putting them to good use.

Creatively I’m driven by the positive energy that can be created by a combination of uplifting electronic sounds, galloping drum beats, fat bass and the thought of positive like minded people ripping it up on the dance floor. For me it’s just not about the music it’s the complete package, the dance culture, atmosphere, people, visual sights and the adventures that can be created by the magic of dance events by the likes of Sensation, Trance Energy, Armin Only, Gatecrasher, Global Gathering, Pharmacy and Transmission. How could I forget lasers, I love lasers.

As a DJ I am open to so many different styles of music and am always looking for fresh and innovative ideas to combine and manipulate sounds. I believe there are no limits. Your most powerful tool is yourself, the music you play, and it’s up to you as to how you use them. DJ’s have the power to influence, so experiment and try to break new sounds. I have a very diverse sound incorporating many different styles into my DJ sets all focusing around trance. You can judge for yourself by downloading my Club Trance podcast.

I first started producing in 2007 as a hobby. The journey has been difficult, there have defiantly times where I thought about giving it all away, but without the lows there could be no highs. It has always be a goal of mine to hear my productions played at clubs and parties around the world. I spend any spare time in the studio working towards that goal while entertaining my young kids.

I urge you to discover the esoteric powers of the naturally stimulated brain and experience some of the beautiful forms of consciousness that ultimately awaits us all…