Top 25k on The DJ List

La Dj Petite

Portland, United States



Standing at a mere 5 feet 1 inches Petite towers over the House music scene here in Portland, Oregon. Get out the step-ladders and lower the decks because she tears the club up.

Ms. Petite is not only sexy but has a fiery passion for progressive trance and all forms of house music. She got her start in the electronic music scene by DJing UK hard house and hard trance at a small club in Portland. This then accelerated her status to the club/bar scene where she played with the likes of Keoki and DJ Irene.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Petite always had a passion for music. In the mid 90’s she moved to Portland, Oregon and as a teenager discovered the underage club scene. “I loved going out every weekend, dancing at a small club downtown. That’s when I became obsessed with music, specifically electronic music.”

It wasn’t until much later that Ms. Petite started mixing. Besides learning how to beat-match from a friend she independently taught herself how to dj. “I would go to lots parties, stand in front of the stage and watch djs spin. People would often ask me if I was okay because I had this blank look on my face for about an hour. I would run home half-way through the party to practice djing techniques I witnessed that night. It was a very inspirational experience for me.”

Petite’s career has taken off and is accelerating fast. She plans to start producing music within the next year and wants to eventually start her own record label. Keep your eyes and ears out for Ms. Petite.