Location: Berlin, Germany Germany
Genre: House


Language: English

French-born La Fille first tried her hand behind the decks 5 years ago in Montreal. Newcomer to the Berlin scene, her energy and tight selection got her to build a steady reputation throughout last summer’s WG Open Airs.

Her music taste can truly be called versatile. Behind cat eyes and bewitching moves, a siren’s chant of freshly baked tech house beats and deep house echoes made to dance yourself free coupled with a real talent to astound her public with nostalgic outbursts of hip hop, French house and sing-along classics.

Her sensual & subtle sets recently got her to share the bill with great names as Miss Kittin, Session Victim, La Fleur or Monkey Safari in some of Berlin’s hottest clubs : Prince Charles, Kesselhaus, Lofthus Hall, Minimal Electrokneipe and Chalet where she is the resident of the Plaisir parties.

Stay tuned! La Fille is definitely the girl to follow.



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La Fille