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Dj, Producer & Owner of Mynt Records, L.B.ONE is one of top French Djs.

Born in the Paris suburbs, he grew up at the end of 90’s when the “hip-hop rap” phenomenon was at its peak but in 2003 he choose his own way : Electronic music. At 13, L.B. ONE really began to mix and thrive in a field he found his home.

As a emerging young talent, he combined sounds from different genres including Electro, Progressive and House to create his own sound. 

Within a few months, L.B. ONE is honored to play at the world renowned “Queen” in Paris and many other hot Parisian clubs. No matter where he played he continued to find success and this propelled him forward.

Thanks to his deejaying experience, he quickly transitioned from the DJ to DJ-Producer. 

As a lover of the synthesizers and melodies, he found his own style and shared with his innate ability to handle this instrument ease and passion. 

In January 2012, in association with his colleague Datamotion (DJ Producer), he created his own Label – Mynt Records – and released “Tsunami” which was the 2nd highest selling “House” track in Germany and Mexico.

2013 marked another a turning point in his career. He went to Ibiza for the first time and discovered his greatest musical revelation: The Deep House. Upon his return to Paris, he composed the song “Love Control” and started his monthly residency show on the most important electronic radio station in France : Radio FG! 

June 2014 saw another milestone when he released his first album “1988” which featured “Jam For Me” and track immediately got airtime on French Radio Stations and was ranked #19 on the Top Beatport « Deep House ».

Well respected and seen as promising talent, L.B. ONE is known as an unavoidable DJ Producer of the new French generation.